Paintings by Deborah

Deborah Lenny


Deborah Lenny is an award winning artisit that exposes her talent through different forms of art from watercolor to oil painting. Her career blossomed in the graphic art field, but when the business turned computer, she decided to find a new career and went back to school to get teaching credentials. It took a long time, but she finally became a high school art teacher. She believes above all else that the arts expose people to a new way of thinking apart from the normal. It allows one to express themselves through color, shape and creativity. To make any money as a teacher, you are required to go through many hours of training and extra courses. She was fortunate enough to be able to make many of them art classes, allowing her to gain her credentials while also broadening her own horizons. Eventually, paintings started taking over her home gallery, and something had to be done.  She began to share her work with the world through social media, art contests, and gallery showings. In 2007 she won an honorable mention at the Art Expo in Pasadena, and soon after saw her contest entries take first place and receive special honors.
She is a graduate of George Washington University in Washington, DC with a degree in fine arts. Her professional development classes have taken her to many Los Angeles schools for art classes, like Otis, Art Center College of Design and California State University. She also worked as a teacher for Mission Renaissance Fine Art Classes, and teaches individual classes at home which began with teaching her daughter who know shares her incredible talent and creativity.
Although she was trained in oils, she has over the years grown to enjoy watercolor more and more. She finds it exciting and challenging. Although oil painting has the finess many people aspire for, water color allows more to be left to the imagination and requires a more skilled hand to create. 
Your interest in the workings of Deborah Lenny is always appreciated and the artists thanks you for your time and feedback. The newest works can be viewed on facebook @ and on instagram @debbielenny_artwork. Here you will find updates on what Deborah is working on, and her gallery showing dates. All work can also be purchased online in the gallery section. 
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